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Personalize your EHR software – what does it mean?

Personalize your EHR software – what does it mean


Getting the right software for your practice is important. But “right” isn’t the same for everyone. What you need is a futuristic product that can simplify your workflow without getting in your way.

Flexibility is what you need. You are unique, and your EHR should reflect that. It should adapt to you and your colleagues. Be capable of growth and change, just as your practice changes with time. Workforce changes are common throughout the life of a clinic. And your EHR must keep up.

Imagine being rid of the clutter. The information overload that plagues EHRs today. Now visualize a system that strips all of that away, and presents you only what you need most at any given time. Developed by Dr. Peter DiBattista – a periodontist himself with over 30 years of experience. As a SaaS product, your information is always safe – protected against loss by redundant backup systems.

Dovetail EHR is customized out of the box – surgically targeted towards dental practices of any size. It’s not general purpose software. Dovetail uses workflows that are common to any dental clinic. Every process feels intuitive and you will never come across tools or interfaces that are not relevant to a dental practice.

You can personalize Dovetail to make it truly your own. Different users can change and configure their user experience to suit them precisely. You may want your EHR to show as much information on the screen as possible while your colleague just wants to focus on one thing at a time. Dovetail caters to your unique manner of working. Give Dovetail a shot and see how much easier it is to love your work when everything just works!