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Selecting a cloud service vendor for your practice

Dental professionals working in single practices or multi-specialty clinics need to adapt to an ever-changing set of rules and regulations. Many are turning to cloud-based software solutions to keep up. Although the general costs and benefits are widely known to

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How the cloud helps you save money

Cloud computing is the latest buzzword doing the rounds in the technology industry. It has become an innovation revolution and offers many advantages to businesses. For many though, saving money is a prime concern in making the move to the

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Be Prepared for Anything

Get your dental practice prepared for anything – Automatic backups in the cloud Dental practices have to consider a lot of factors when buying and setting up their IT infrastructure like the cost of hardware, software licenses, compatibility with existing

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Easily meet legal and security requirements for your dental practice with a hosted cloud platform

Security and integrity of data is an important concern for all dental practice. Certain industries such as the medical industry, which store confidential and sensitive patient information, have extra regulations in place that protect this sensitive resource. Medical information in

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SaaS Solution for Your Dental Office – Forget Software Updates/Upgrades

In today’s world information technology is everywhere. Every dental clinic needs some sort of software system whether it is for scheduling, storing patients’ information, billing or some other process.

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Cloud Solution for Your Dental Office – Keeping Your Options Open

Information Technology is changing at a dizzying pace. Nobody can accurately predict what technology breakthroughs are just over the horizon.

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Dovetail, A Tool For Dentists

Having the right tools at your fingertips can have a major impact on your day to day business. Dovetail is specifically designed to make your life easier.

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Introducing the New Dovetail

The team over at Dovetail has worked pretty hard to change the relationship dental professionals have with their software. Our goal is to provide you with an intuitive platform that makes your work more efficient

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Dovetail to Participate in Les JDIQ

Dovetail is a revolutionary cloud-based electronic dental record (EDR) and practice management solution designed specifically for dentists.

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