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More Reasons for Paperless

Dovetail Blog More Reasons to go Paperless

Using digital media instead of paper can reduce cost and improve productivity. So why are you still using paper in your practice? Do you hesitate to try EHRs because paper is just so simple to use and you’re comfortable with it? Sure, paper is flexible and it’s easy to compare two versions of the documents side by side.

But going paperless has plenty of benefits too! Removing paper from your office can triple your processing capacity according to Gartner. Imagine being able to see twice as many patients as before or even just getting home earlier in the evening! Eliminating paper can reduce your storage costs by up to 80% and more importantly, lets you access data when you need it. No more hunting down files in random file cabinets. Now isn’t all that worth switching away from paper?

As if those pros weren’t enough, using paper makes it more difficult for you to comply with legislation. Dental practices have to follow many laws including Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 15489 and HIPAA. You need to report your financial statements every so often and show that internal controls are working well. The ISO 15489 deals with managing records – how you capture, store, maintain and even dispose of records related to your practice. And we’re all familiar with HIPAA. Using paper makes it difficult to ensure that your practice is fulfilling the standards for security, privacy and confidentiality of patient records.

Dovetail is our solution to the paper problem. It was made by a practising dentist for dental practices like yours. It is cloud based EHR and practice management, so you don’t have to worry about storing your data. We back it up for you on our world class servers in real time. You can use Dovetail from any device. Document the entire patient care process from the first visit all the way to submitting insurance claims without touching any paper!

If you want to give Dovetail a shot, just call us at 1.800.481.2940 ext.1. Take Dovetail on a TEST DRIVE and explore how a cloud based EHR can change the way you work. Save time, become more productive and see your practice grow!