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Importance of Mobility for Dentists

Mobility is the next great technological frontier, for both hardware and software. We now have a generation that is comfortable with mobile devices and people who will quite happily trade in their laptops for wearables such as the Pebble smart watch or Google Glass. For them, mobility comes first and is not an afterthought. Your patients’ lives are being changed by mobile technology, so shouldn’t your office keep up with them?

Even with the EHR revolution sweeping the healthcare industry, many dental practices are still burdened by computer peripherals and their attendant wires. Large or small, most offices will have computers, printers, networking devices such as modems and routers and a huge tangle of cables that is often visible in plain sight.

The dentist or hygienist has to leave the room in order to look up or enter patient information. If the procedure is interrupted, data entry might have to wait till the end of the day, when everyone is tired and more likely to make mistakes. Forms have to be printed before patients can sign them, X-rays may not be available in the EDR and often the doctor has to make notes on paper and then transfer them into electronic form, taking up more time.

Going mobile can easily transform the way your office functions. From patient check-in to generating treatment plans, most workflows can benefit from mobility. Imagine an EDR that lives online, accessible from any mobile device. The receptionist can send reminders and make appointments on a tablet. Your patients can update their medical history in a few clicks rather than filling out multiple page forms. The hygienist can view this information in real time, making it easier to ask relevant questions and identify issues.

As a dentist, you will be able to generate treatment plans and educate your patients while they are in the chair. You don’t have to interrupt your work to update a computer that is outside and it also engages your patient. They are more likely to be interested in and follow your advice when it is presented clearly, often accompanied by images. And best of all, at the end of the day, there is very little extra work to be done since all data has already been captured at the point of origin.

The dream of a paperless and wireless office can now become reality. Dovetail is a mobile EDR that can transform your office in every imaginable way and beyond. It can save you valuable time and make clinical processes hassle-free for you, your employees and your patients. For additional information, visit our website at www.dovetail.co.



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