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Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices

Dovetail Marketing Strategies

Marketing your dental practice is something you do everyday whether it is online or not. If you’re not already doing it, it’s about time you start. The end of the year provides a valuable window of opportunity for any dentist. It’s your chance to get more patients in the chair and fill up your schedule. Here’s how you can tailor your marketing strategies to this festive season and bring new clients through the door.

  • Remind Patients of the Time

The end of the year is not only a time for holidays and celebrations. It’s also when your patients’ insurance benefits run out. Use the holiday season to remind them of this fact. Send out postcards with festive decorations. You can include a picture of your entire office staff and wish your patients a happy holiday. Add a call to arms with your phone number or website link so they can make an appointment immediately. Some practicens include a gift certificate for overdue treatments which means you get patients to think about getting things done before their insurance expires for the year.

If you have a monthly email newsletter, include this message there as well. Use bright and bold colors to make the message stand out from the rest of the newsletter. Include a link to your online appointment scheduler and remind them that slots are filling up soon. Postcards and email newsletters work well on existing patients who might have forgotten their checkup or have overdue procedures.

  • Social Media Is Your Best Friend

By now most practices have a dedicated page on various social media networks. Add a reminder on your page and website that it’s time for a dental checkup. You may also be a part of numerous online communities. Depending on the community rules, you can post timely reminders to members about dental appointments. You can even include a link to your practice webpage, provided the community doesn’t frown on advertising.

Even if you don’t have a social media presence – or if you’re simply not that active – you can run targeted ad campaigns during the festive season. The vast majority of consumers check out online reviews before stepping foot in any store or business. Online advertising will get you much higher rate of conversion then more traditional media campaigns. Make sure to include your phone number or other means of making an appointment that is accessible around the clock.

  • Spread the Message within the Community


Enlist the help of local businesses to spread the message of oral care. Create flyers and posters inviting people to make an appointment before time runs out. Fitness and community centers, local libraries, coffee shops and even parks are a few places where you can post your flyers. In fact any place that attracts the local residents and that offers a bulletin board is a good place for your flyer. Don’t clutter up the flyer with too many words or pictures. Keep it clean and bright. Your message to make a dental appointment soon should stand out. This is a great way to advertise your clinic to new patients who may not know about you.

Regardless of your marketing strategy and the individual campaigns you may be running, make sure to include phone numbers and/or website links. Don’t depend on the person remembering your message for later. Your marketing efforts should convert potential audiences to actual visits. If you send out a digital missive, link directly to where they can schedule an appointment. Even the most creative or expensive marketing campaign will be a failure if it doesn’t actually bring patients to your clinic.

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