How Leap Motion can revolutionize the dental industry

We have seen a lot of innovative products and revolutionary technology in the last few decades. Touchscreens have changed the way we use phones and tablets but the mouse and keyboard remain the most common input devices on laptops and desktops. While they can be used to accomplish most tasks easily and effectively, it is still not an intuitive process. It has to be learned.

However companies such as Leap Motion are attempting to change the way users interact with their computer to a more natural and intuitive method – using their hands. The Leap Motion controller is a small peripheral device designed to be placed on a physical desktop, facing upward. The controller uses advanced motion-sensing technology to observe an area of 8 cubic feet above it. It is designed to track fingers or similar objects like a pen which cross into the observed area. This enables users to point, click on and move objects on the screen using natural motions with their hands.

Even though the device was inspired by frustration surrounding 3D modellingmodeling using the mouse and keyboard, it is not hard to imagine other areas where it can prove useful such as the dental industry. Dentists have to wear gloves while examining patients which makes it difficult for them to use the computer or other electronic devices at the same time. They have to remove the gloves, wash their hands and wear new gloves every time a button has to be clicked on the mouse oror keyboard. Additionally, the mouse and keyboard have to be sterilized often to prevent contamination. Sometimes it becomes necessary to interact with the computer while using another tool. In that case the dentist would have to put it down, use the mouse and sterilize the tool before using it again.

The Leap Motion controller makes it easy for dentists to use the computer without touching it. They can just use their hands to control X-rays, charts and input information into the system, instead of having to remove their gloves each time. It enables them to use the computer withoutcomputer without disengaging from their work. It reduces the risk of contamination and can also save time, since dentists see a lot of patients in a day.

Replacing the need to use the mouse and keyboard is just the beginning for the Leap Motion controller. Further developments in this technology such as 3D scanning can revolutionize the dental industry.


Thousands of possibilities with Dovetail and the Leap Motion

The use of an EDR and practice management system like Dovetail with the Leap Motion controller would allow dental specialists to enter information in the system without having to use a mouse, keyboard or tablet screen, which would help them work faster and more efficiently. For more information on Dovetail, visit

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