Is an iPad ideal for SaaS applications?

The SaaS (Software as a Service) business model of delivering applications to the Internet has grown considerably in the last few years. SaaS, also commonly referred to as hosted applications or on demand software, offers an alternative to enterprises which historically had to build and maintain their own IT infrastructure.
SaaS vendors operate on a subscription based model reducing the capital investment in equipment, which can alternatively be deployed elsewhere. In addition, upgrades to software and security patches are all delivered instantly over the internet which eliminates the time spent on managing IT systems. Applications delivered via SaaS can be accessed with just a browser, negating the need for bulky machines. Laptops and desktops are being replaced with iPads at a rapid pace all over the world.
There are many factors which make an iPad ideal for hosted software. While smartphones are just as capable of running business software, the small screen size makes it impractical to get any serious work done. iPads are powerful enough to run most applications and are also lightweight, allowing them to be carried everywhere. They also have exceptional battery life since they do not have to run all the processes required for desktop machines.
Another important advantage of an iPad lies in the app ecosystem. Increasingly, SaaS vendors are launching iPad apps which can integrate with their service making it easier to work anywhere. These apps can take advantage of device hardware such as the camera to provide additional functions not suited to a browser.
The large number of available apps make the tablet very versatile, allowing it to be used in many business processes. An iPad can easily be used to run a cloud-based electronic dental record (EDR) and practice management system such as Dovetail and it can also take pictures which can be attached as notes.
Employees can take their iPads wherever they happen to be working which means they are no longer bound to their desks. They can be carried to various locations both within and outside the office. It is also extremely easy to use, eliminating the learning curve associated with other machines since there are no wires, keyboards or mice to fiddle with. For all the above reasons, the iPad looks set to be the dominant mode of working in the future since it can handle workloads of bigger machines with lesser costs.
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