The iPad Air: A whole new level of speed and graphic quality

Dentists and the iPad
Technology is rapidly changing the face of the dental industry. Gone are the filing cabinets and mounds of paperwork with many clinics switching over to EDR and electronic PM systems. Practices are also using social media and digital advertising to better serve their clients. In much the same way, smart devices such as the iPad are increasingly being used to improve the clinical experience for both the patient and the dentist.

Dentists have been quick to adapt the iPad to their workflow and are using it in many areas such as for check-ins, filling up forms, as an entertainment kiosk, as well as a tool to educate patients on preventive care and treatment plants. Some hosted EDR and practice management software like Dovetail are designed and optimized specifically to work on the iPad.

The older versions of the iPad were not without disadvantages. Although they were relatively portable especially when compared to laptops or desktops, they were still heavy enough that using it for several hours could cause wrist pain. While the larger screens allowed more information to be displayed, it also made it hard to use with just one hand. Some dentists use the iPad mini instead which is smaller and lighter but compromises on precious screen real estate. The launch of the iPad Air has effectively solved many of these problems.


Increased speed and graphic quality
The new iPad Air is remarkably lighter, faster and has longer battery life when compared to its predecessor. It is easier to use with one hand and its reduced weight means that dentists and their staff no longer have to battle physical fatigue to use it throughout the day. The longer battery life ensures that you can keep working for long periods without having to recharge in between which can be extremely annoying at best and can seriously break your workflow at worst.

The iPad Air has a faster processor so that apps open faster and multitasking is a breeze. Practices which use the iPad for form filling, using their EDR and capturing patient information can get everything done much quicker saving valuable time for both employees and patients. EDRs which have dedicated iPad apps can take advantage of the extra processing power to provide more advanced features that were not possible before. Apple has also improved the Wi-Fi antennas in the iPad Air which is especially useful for practices which access cloud-based EDR systems.


Dovetail and the new iPad Air
With the arrival of the new iPad Air, practice mobility has reached a whole new level of improved speed and graphics quality with Dovetail cloud-based EDR and practice management solution. TRY IT and see (click here)!

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