Key elements to improve patients clinical experience

Customer service has long been a buzzword in service industries. Retailers and banks invest significant resources to create a positive experience for their customers, knowing that a satisfied consumer is more likely to share their experience with others. This word-of-mouth marketing is prized highly since it is the most credible form of advertising. Nowhere is it more important than in the healthcare industry, where patients tend to rely on personal recommendations.

However, healthcare consumers are less likely to share positive experiences with others and more likely to remember negative experiences than those in other industries. While price and convenience are major factors influencing the decision-making process across retail,and banking, personal experience was cited as the the most important reason among consumers for choosing healthcare providers (According to PWC report, July 2012).

A modern EDR can help your dental practice to improve the clinical experience in many ways. To keep your customers happy, consider the overall experience from making an appointment to everything that happens before they leave your office. When patients call your office are they often put on hold? If they call during the lunch hour, will it be answered or sent to voicemail? Next, take a look at the waiting experience once they come to your clinic. Are they called into the exam room on time? If there is a delay, are they notified immediately by someone on your staff? An EDR which shows the tasks of each employee as well as the patient’s standing in the workflow can help minimize delays.

The most important part of the experience is naturally the actual interaction with the dentist. Patients like to know that their doctor cares about them and do not like to repeat information that is already contained in their medical history. An EDR can make it easy to look up a patient’s chart before entering the exam room. Entering notes, prescriptions and diagnosis into an EDR is a simple and quick process, so you can spend more time talking to your patient instead of writing. Once the visit is over, the billing experience should be effortless and hassle-free. Integrated online billing systems save valuable time and provide a good ‘last’ impression of the practice to your patients. Check out Dovetail’s website for additional information.

A positive clinical experience will have a lasting impact and little changes can make a very big difference. Your patients will remember you for it and keep coming back.

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