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Easily meet legal and security requirements for your dental practice with a hosted cloud platform

Security and integrity of data is an important concern for all dental practice. Certain industries such as the medical industry, which store confidential and sensitive patient information, have extra regulations in place that protect this sensitive resource.

Medical information in the United States has to be maintained in accordance with HIPAA which covers the handling, storage and transmission of individually identifiable health information of patients (the equivalent in Canada being PIPEDA for Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). HIPAA requires healthcare providers such as doctors and clinics to have physical, technical and administrative safeguards to adequately protect medical information.

Healthcare providers have to limit physical access to their infrastructure while ensuring authorized personnel can still easily obtain data as and when required. They have to implement policies to ensure that health information is not improperly altered, transmitted or destroyed. They also have to train all employees regarding security policies and ensure adequate supervision of workforce members who can access such confidential data.

In addition, they should also take every reasonable measure to prevent entry into their databases by unauthorized personnel using malicious software. Periodic evaluation and review of security policies should also be conducted and all necessary documentation should be kept for the specified time period.

Dental office management hosted on cloud services allow organizations to meet such security requirements without having to maintain their own servers. Providers are able to implement many layers of protection from the physical data center to the actual database. Information is maintained on systems with secure connections to prevent unauthorized access. Servers are duplicated to ensure timely backups are available in the event of downtime. Their infrastructure is better protected against hacking through firewalls, network isolation and IP filtering.

Most hosting services used by dental office management platform provide protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which can crash your system. They are able to deliver higher performance at a lower cost when compared to buying your own servers. Cloud hosted dental office management platforms reduce the training needed for employees as most security requirements are taken care of by a third party. It is easy to buy more resources as your practice expands when compared to upgrading your own hardware.

Using a dental office management solution hosted on HIPAA certified cloud infrastructure enables your dental practice to achieve the highest level of compliance more easily, at a lower cost, and with much less management overhead than doing it yourself.

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