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How Google Glass will revolutionize the dental industry

It is often hard to predict what the next revolution in the technology industry will be like. The latest innovative trend is wearable technology – incorporating electronics into the everyday objects we wear as opposed to gadgets that we have to carry with us. Examples are smart watches, electronic tattoos, etc.

The most spectacular specimen so far is Google Glass. It is a wearable computer with a smartphone-like display and camera, which can interact with the internet using voice commands. It looks like a pair of glasses without the lenses and is capable of taking pictures, recording video and displaying directions.

Technology like Glass has the potential to change many fields, including the dental industry. There are many situations where a picture or video conveys more information than text, but recording a video with a normal camera is not feasible. Instead of writing down notes about patient case histories, a dentist could easily record his or her notes while examining the patient. This ensures that you don’t have to remember what to write down later and you can also take pictures to examine them when you have more time.

In some cases, it can be valuable to record an actual procedure. Normally this would involve another person with a video camera. Using Google Glass would make it much easier and it also has the advantage of being able to record from the point of view of the doctor. Since the glasses are not bulky, they do not get in the way of the doctor-patient interaction.

One of the biggest advantages offered by Google Glass is that videos can be streamed live across the internet. Sometimes students have to be shown certain procedures but it is not possible for 10 or 20 students to crowd around the patient. Using Google Glass on the other hand, the doctor can not only record it, he can also show the students what is happening live through video calling.

Often doctors need to share specific treatment plans or case records with other specialists. They usually share X-rays and patient details. Google Glass could supplement to these solutions with video.

Most importantly, Google Glasses will revolutionize the way dentists work and interact with cloud-based EDR and practice management solutions like Dovetail. Google Glass and Dovetail’s unique mobile technology will allow doctors and their staff to enter patient’s exam information “live†while completing the exam without having any contact with a screen (only through voice commands).

Wearable computers such as Google Glass, while not specifically made for a particular field, have the potential to change how many industries work. If you would like to become a beta user of Dovetail’s Google Glass application, please send an email with your name and contact information to info@dovetail.co. We will contact you as soon as the application becomes available for trial.

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