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How to find out if your EDR is ONC Certified

Selecting a dental EHR for your practice is by no means a simple process. Providers need to consider if the software will serve their needs, whether employees can use it without difficulties, cost of training and purchase etc. Apart from the above, a very important external factor to consider is whether the software is ONC certified or not.


A dental EHR application that is perfect for your needs but not certified means that you will not be able to attest for meaningful use objectives. EDR programs can cost thousands of dollars (including training, customization and support) and practices usually see a drop in productivity during implementation. For some practices, the incentives can mean the difference between a positive or negative ROI.


Generally dental EHR vendors display certification badges prominently on their websites but it is always a good idea to check for yourself before purchasing. ONC maintains a website which lists all certified EDR/EHR programs. The original purpose of this website is to enable providers to generate the Certification ID, which is necessary for meaningful use registration and attestation.


Nevertheless, it is a quick and simple way of verifying that the software you are considering has been certified by ONC. If you are already using a particular software, the ONC website (click here) will also give you information on whether it meets all the criteria for meaningful use or if additional modules are necessary. Verifying the certification of EDR software is quick and simple:



Select the appropriate category for the product you are using (2011, 2014 or combination). Ensure that the version number you are using matches the one displayed online. For example, version 3.0 from a particular vendor may be 2011 certified while version 3.5 is 2014 certified.



You can search for software by vendor name, product name or CHPL product number. If you are using a modular EDR, pick all the products you are using or intend to purchase and add to your cart.


On the final page, the website will tell you if the combination you have chosen meets 100% of the meaningful use criteria. Of course, certification is not the only criteria to keep in mind but it can serve as a good starting point to narrow down your options.


Dovetail cloud-based dental EHR is 2014 certified and fulfills all the requirements for MU (see Certified Health IT Product listing). Our customer support team will work with you through the purchase, implementation and adoption process to ensure that you can attest successfully for meaningful use objectives.