The Federal test EHR program

One of the core objectives under stage II of the meaningful use program pertains to situations where patients are referred to another provider or transitioned to another setting of care. Eligible professionals and hospitals are expected to provide a summary of care record to the new doctor which should include current medications, procedures undergone, allergy lists etc. Such an exchange of health data can be useful for providing better care to patients.
One of the measures under this objective mandates that eligible professionals should electronically exchange a test summary of care record with another provider using a different EHR system. As an alternative, providers may also choose to conduct such a procedure with a test EHR, designated by CMS. This process will be conducted with test data and not actual patient information.
If the professional is able to complete the electronic exchange of one summary of care record, he/she is deemed to have completed the measure. Any professional who has referred or transitioned a patient fewer than 100 times in the reporting period is excluded from having to meet this measure. Under the test EHR program, CMS has designated certain EHR systems which meet the 2014 certification requirements as ‘test EHRs’. A software system called “EHR Randomizer” has been developed which will randomly match eligible providers with EHR systems that are different from their own.
The program was launched in January 2014 and so far three vendor software products have been designated as test EHRs. On the other hand over 500 providers have signed up to participate in the test program, placing enormous stress on the designated test EHRs. A lack of clear documentation regarding the test process has also slowed it down. Many providers are uninformed regarding the technical details and have not completed the test even though they have signed up to do so. The test program will continue until CMS is satisfied that the meaningful use objectives are being met and it is likely that the program will be extended until the end of 2014.
Dovetail EDR is a cloud-based and mobile software system, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern dental practices. Dovetail users do not have to worry about participating in the test program as they are able to share information with other EHR systems. The application is 2014 certified and patient data can be sent to specialists or to referred providers in just a few steps, ensuring that they can meet the meaningful use objectives without difficulty.



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