How E-Prescriptions can help you serve customers better

Modern electronic dental records (EDRs) have enabled dental practices to automate many clinical processes. From appointment scheduling to claim reimbursement, both patients and doctors can save a lot of time by using IT in healthcare. Another area where EDRs can help transform the way services are delivered to consumers is medical prescriptions.
The US government’s EHR incentive program has several objectives which direct eligible professionals to use e-prescriptions in their practices. Electronic prescribing involves using computers to generate, transmit and fill prescriptions through participating pharmacies. It allows healthcare professionals to transmit new prescriptions or renew existing ones electronically rather than faxing or calling them in.
Some EDRs on the market such as Dovetail offer integrated e-prescribing systems which can help dentists serve their customers better. Errors due to miscommunication or illegible handwriting are reduced when prescriptions are sent electronically. Nurses and other office staff often spend a fair amount of time responding to calls from dispensers regarding mistaken prescription choices. Electronic prescriptions reduce the number of such calls thus improving workflow efficiency and office productivity. Offices can also save on fax, paper and printing costs.
E-prescription systems contain a comprehensive database of drugs and can perform checks against the prescribed medication taking into account the patient’s diagnosis, medical history, lab results, allergy indicators and many other factors. Built-in features that alert physicians to the risk of possible adverse reactions or incorrect dosage based on age, weight or gender can be very useful especially in those situations where doctors are busy and overworked. It significantly reduces the risk of prescription errors and medical liability.
Many patients do not take their medication partly due to the hassle involved as they have to go to a nearby pharmacy and wait for their prescriptions to be filled. Electronic prescriptions make the process faster and more efficient. Information about how and when prescriptions are filled can enormously help doctors in ensuring compliance by patients.
E-prescriptions allow doctors to generate and transmit prescriptions from any device with a network connection. Thus they can write prescriptions from wherever they are and are not confined to their office. EDRs can also generate lists such as all patients with a particular prescription in case of a drug recall or to check the percentage of prescriptions that are going unfilled which is not possible with paper-based processes.
Electronic prescriptions can increase compliance and safety of patients, lower the cost of care and streamline the entire process for both physicians and pharmacies.
Dovetail, the only mobile 2014 EDR/EHR web-application that is certified by the ONC and is HIPAA compliant, offers easy-to-use e-prescription and other key features tailored to help dentists become eligible to take advantage of Meaningful Use incentives. Visit our website at pour additional information.


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