Disaster Recovery: Let the Cloud Protect Your Dental Records

What if there was a sudden harsh downpour that flooded your entire dental clinic and damaged all your records forever? Or what if there was an avoidable fire and all your paperwork burnt into ashes? Maybe there was an intrusion and all your private information just disappeared overnight or your hardware failed suddenly? Sounds scary? Well that is just what disasters are about. Like them or not, they have to be faced and dealt with, and this should be done before they strike and take you and your clinic down with them. Avoid this, and you will bear with irreparable consequences should a misfortune occur.

So how do you protect yourself from such situations? There are many solutions, but the cloud is probably the most effective and popular of them.

Utilizing the Cloud

You would have probably heard of the cloud. The name refers to a technology that allows you to store all your information and data on external servers that are hosted at remote locations. These locations are completely secure and do not provide access to any unauthorized or random person. If a disaster does strike your office now, you would not have to take care of your records. That’s because they are not at your clinic, but stored at another faraway location. At times you might even get an option to store your information on multiple servers set up at different sites.

The most notable advantage of cloud storage that is that it combines all your vital information onto one single platform. What is even better is the fact that you can access this information from anywhere and at anytime as long as you have an Internet connected or Wi-Fi enabled device. So even if you are not at your clinic, you would still be able to view all your data.

Securing the Data

Cloud storage is extremely secure provided that you choose a reputed provider. All the information is stored in multiple data centers and redundancy is inhibited for a higher security level. As such, your data is stored at multiple centers that are set up at different sites.

The stored data can be accessed through a network connection, which is also made secure. All information transfers are encrypted and comply with HIPAA. Several firewalls are also set up so that no unauthorized person can have an access to the information.

Taking Advantage of Dovetail

Interested in switching to the cloud? Let Dovetail do it for you. Dovetail is a cloud-based electronic dental record (EDR) and practice management solution designed specifically for the mobile tablet but accessible through any platform. That means you and your staff have access to the most up–to-date information wherever and whenever you need it. No downloads, updates, backups or maintenance required – easy. With Dovetail, your data is securely stored on the cloud. For more information, visit our website at www.dovetail.co.



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