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Dental Practice Management Tips


Managing your own dental practice is no easy task. Sometimes it can be overwhelming or stressful. But then you’ll also have days where everything goes according to your plans. There is no such thing as a perfect practice and there is always something else you can do to optimize your workflows. So here are a few dental practice management tips that can help your clinic.

Communication Is Key

While clinical skills are essential, communication is the key to a successful practice. Some clinics have a daily huddle with the entire team before starting work. Spend this time in discussing the appointments for the day, identifying gaps in the practice or even simply encouraging each other to do a good job.

The other part of communication is talking to your patients. Each one of your patients has a different story to tell. Take the time to listen to them before suggesting solutions to their problems. Some people talk to cover their fear or nervousness and being in the dentist’s chair. Others simply want a sympathetic ear before the procedure. Listen to your patients and you can probably find new ways of creating a better experience for them.

Write down Your Financial Policy

Every dental practice needs to have a well-defined and written financial policy. The financial policies should include the following:

  • Lay out all the payment options you offer for clients. Be transparent about whether or not you accept part payments, cash/checks, any fees for using credit or bank cards and so on.
  • Clearly explain the payment process (after each visit or treatment procedure etc)
  • Offer incentives to clients who pay on time or early

Make sure that all clients are presented with a copy of the financial policy and that the assignment. Enforce the policy consistently and make sure the entire office knows all the details. If a patient asks for clarification, they should give clear answers.

Keep Your Team Cohesive

Teamwork is essential if you want to provide quality dentistry services to patients. As your practice grows, so will your team. Whenever you need to hire a new member or replace someone who’s leaving, prepare the team before interviewing candidates. Consult with your team and write down a clear description of the type of person you want in that position.

The difference between a successful candidate and the others is going to be their personality and working style, rather than clinical skills. Once you have established a baseline of work experience and clinical expertise you require, develop a series of behavioral questions that will identify the right candidate for your team. Take your time with the process and don’t rush into hiring someone just because you need to fill that position.

Encourage a Friendly Atmosphere in the Clinic

Patients are often scared or nervous when visiting the dental clinic. Overcome that by encouraging a friendly and open atmosphere in the clinic. Your clients will feel at ease when they hear laughter amidst the sound of drills and keyboards. A friendly atmosphere in the office is more likely to get you referrals than a perfect crown! Your patients may get good results at other clinics but they know a great experience and friendly staff are waiting for them at your practice.

Can find hundreds of tips about practice management from experts. But most of them will agree that communication and teamwork are the foundations for a successful practice. Put the above tips into practice and see what a difference they can make to your practice. Improve processes one at a time and before you know it, your office will run like a well oiled machine!

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