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Cloud Solution for Your Dental Office – Keeping Your Options Open

Information Technology is changing at a dizzying pace. Nobody can accurately predict what technology breakthroughs are just over the horizon. When trying to decide between cloud-based dental office management solutions and traditional on-site software for your practice, it helps to consider which choice will give you more flexibility in planning for the future. Here are some ways in which the cloud can give you more options:

1. No long-term commitments

Most cloud solutions do not require long long-term commitments, unlike traditional software vendors who often sell support packages in terms of years. So if the time comes when you no longer need your current dental office management software or require a different solution, you are stuck with the one you paid for, unless you are ready to pay the high costs all over again to some other vendor.

2. Switching costs

Traditional on-site software has high switching costs when compared to software in the cloud. It is expensive to change your software provider in the middle of a contract period when you have already paid for the installation, licenses and support. If you have to switch because you want different capabilities or because your needs have changed, you will most likely have to pay a penalty and have no choice but to pay again for your new software.

Many dental office management software solutions also require you to use proprietary formats and make it difficult to export data out of their system. Sometimes switching can be even more problematic as you may have to upgrade your equipment to make it work with the new software or it may take a lot of time for the vendor to setup and install the systems at your office.

Since cloud solutions only require a browser, switching time and costs are very low and can be usually accomplished without any interruption to your business.

3. Monthly subscription model

Cloud management solutions usually work on a per-user, per-month basis. This means it is very flexible and can accommodate your dental practice changing requirements over time. You can always begin using the software for your present business needs and add users at a later date. You can even allot users on a temporary basis, when you have extra work and more employees, and go back to your regular usage once it is over. You do not have to pay for users you don’t have.

Using a cloud dental office management solution gives you more options. It can easily adapt to your practice now as well as in the future. It is an excellent way to future-proof your dental clinic in a world where technology revolutions are just a step away.

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