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How the cloud helps you save money

Cloud computing is the latest buzzword doing the rounds in the technology industry. It has become an innovation revolution and offers many advantages to businesses. For many though, saving money is a prime concern in making the move to the cloud. These are some of the ways the cloud can help you save you money:

1. No setup costs

Setting up an IT solution for a business usually involves a lot of money. You have to buy new computers, acquire licenses for the software, hire people who know how to use the system etc. Cloud computing saves a lot of these costs since you don’t have to buy expensive hardware or software licenses. Typically, cloud-based software require only require an internet connection and web browser, allowing you to login using mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

2. Pay for what you use

Most software vendors price their product according to the maximum number of users it can support. As a small business, you may end up paying for the capacity to support 50 users even though you only have 10 employees. Cloud-based software works on the per-user model, so you pay only for the services you need and use.

3. Flexibility

Sometimes, you may have more users than usual at your dental practice, which requires more services. With traditional software, you may need to purchase additional licenses which you will not be using in the future. However, cloud-based dental software lets you only pay for what you use, enabling you to add more users only for a specific period of time.

4. Less downtime

When something goes wrong with computer systems, employees have to take time away from their other duties to contact IT support and try to get the problem fixed. In the meantime, your patients are getting delayed. Moving to the cloud saves you both time and money because the software is managed by the service provider, and any problems that arise will be solved seamlessly even before you are aware of them.

5. Save on upgrade costs

Most software licenses are granted only for a particular version of the software. Every upgrade will mean additional fees. Even if you do not need the latest updates, you may have to purchase them anyways, since at some point the vendor will stop supporting older versions. A monthly subscription model means that there is no extra cost to upgrade. As long as you have paid the monthly fee, you will always have the latest version.

As you can see the cloud can save you a lot of money. Moving to the cloud may very well be the best decision you can make for your dental practice.

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