Cloud-based systems can help small practices stay competitive

Rising costs and the increasing hassle of running a dental practice are putting a lot of pressure on doctors in private practices. Cloud-based EDRs and Practice Management (PM) systems can alleviate some of the problems faced by solo and small practices in the following ways:

1. Improve insurance reimbursements

Doctors are seeing more patients than ever before, yet are making less money due to the complexities of payment procedures. PM systems which integrate billing, coding and electronic filing of insurance claims can greatly reduce denial of claims. Shorter payment cycles ensures that your practice is not starved for cash flow. Most practices can also reduce dictation, postage and printing costs by switching from paper records.

2. Reduce the costs of doing business

Professionals in small practices need to take care of many business processes such as scheduling, billing, coding etc on their own. Cloud-based platforms can automate them without the attendant expenses. You no longer require expensive software applications and processing power. They can be accessed on mobile devices with a browser and managed by one person, without the need for an IT department.

3. Focus on patients, not managing a practice

Most importantly, cloud-based software gives you more time to focus on your patients. Many EDRs include patient portals which let you keep in touch with them outside the clinic. You can improve patient engagement by following up with them online.

Independence and freedom to treat patients in the best manner possible are very important elements for dental practitionners. Cloud-based systems offer them a simple and hassle free way of running a flourishing business, so they can stay competitive in the crowded dentalcare market.

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