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Client Retention for a Dental Practice – 5 Tips


In the business world, marketing and advertising play a huge role. The same is true for healthcare practices as well. You might have the best employees, dentists and equipment but your practice won’t flourish if people don’t know about it! This is where marketing, advertising and even word of mouth publicity come in.

Attracting new clients is more expensive and time consuming than retaining existing clients. These are the people who know about you and have been treated at your clinic. You certainly want to keep them coming back and refer new clients at the same time. Here are a few tips on how to retain clients:

Make it Easy to Schedule Appointments

Today’s consumers are busy people, used to technology making their lives easier. We shop, bank, work and play on our computers and mobile phones, why should scheduling a dentist appointment be more difficult? Check if your EHR integrates online scheduling. Any new or existing clients should be able to make an appointment through your website or by calling your office.  Always offer multiple ways to book an appointment for your clients.

Train Staff to be Friendly and Helpful

We know how important it is for a doctor to have a good bedside manner. Your practice should make a good impression from the moment patients step into the outer office. Friendly front desk staff can make a world of difference to patients, especially when they’re nervous about dental problems or procedures. Not many people like going to the dentist in the first place, so why make it harder for them?

Switch to Electronic Records

EHRs provide benefits to more than just your staff and practice. Patients really appreciate it as well. They don’t have to fill out multiple forms each time they come to see you. No more waiting around while someone tries to retrieve your lost or misplaced file. While they may have to fill them out on the first trip, subsequent visits need not take up so much time. Dental procedures can take up a lot of time, so don’t waste your client’s appointed slot with administrative tasks.

Make Billing Quick and Convenient

Having multiple billing options is even more important than online scheduling when it comes to retaining clients. It’s not enough if you take cash and checks anymore. At the very least, clients expect you to offer credit, debit and other bank cards as payment. You might go a step further and offer mobile payments or Paypal as an option. It will improve client satisfaction and help with revenue collection for the clinic.

Spend Time with your Clients

This is one of the most common complaints most people have with their doctor or dentist. Using an EHR doesn’t mean you should spend all your time in front of a computer. Use a cloud based service that lets you enter notes quickly from a variety of devices, especially tablets and phones. Instead of typing away on a keyboard, talk to your patients and understand their concerns. This is also a great tip for calming nervous patients, especially if they’re young children.

It goes without saying that your patients will come back only if they’re satisfied with the procedures and results they experience. But client satisfaction goes beyond just what happens while they’re in the chair. From the moment they walk into the clinic to the time they leave, their experience should be comfortable. This means all processes – from checking in, filling out their medical history forms to final payment – should be seamless and convenient. Exceeding your client’s expectations is the best way to keep them coming back!