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Boosting your Dental Procedure Acceptance Rates

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Getting your patients to accept treatment can be as difficult as getting them in your chair on a regular schedule. There are many reasons for a patient to avoid the treatment you are recommending to them. Some patients are afraid of surgical procedures and others are concerned that their insurance won’t cover the proposed treatments. Are you doing everything you can to boost acceptance rates?

Dentists believe that their case acceptance rate depends only on their presentation skills. While the actual presentation is important, preparation and follow-up also play vital roles.


Preparation can take weeks or even months before you present treatment options to your client. The more you prepare, the better your chances of success. Being prepared gives you confidence since you know you have covered all the bases. You will not be caught unaware when the patient asks a question or raises issues. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for treatment presentation:

Present Multiple Options

You will have some cases where the patient only has a single option left. Most often, this happens when the treatment has been left to the last moment. For most clients, there is time to consider different treatment options. Even if one treatment is clearly better than the other, make sure the client knows that there are two options to choose from. Whether the procedures you are talking about are necessary or optional, make sure to offer alternatives. Most people like the feeling of having a choice when making decisions.

Address Their Fears and Concerns

You should be prepared for the most common objections you hear from patients. The cost of treatment, insurance coverage, fear of advanced surgical procedures, recovery time etc. are just some of the concerns that your patients will have. You can even prepare scripts that address various issues, so you don’t stumble when presenting to the client.

If one procedure is more expensive than the alternative, explain the reasons why that is. Is it because of better materials or shorter recovery period? You have to justify the cost difference. If the patient is afraid of surgery and wants reassurance, give them details to show how quick the process will be.

Show How the Treatment Will Benefit Them

Too many dentists go on and on about the advantages of a particular treatment from a clinical standpoint. Most of your clients don’t care about all that. They want to know how the treatment will benefit them in the end. Some treatments are beneficial from a cosmetic standpoint while others are necessary for good oral health.

Will they have healthier teeth or gums as a result of the treatment you are proposing? Will it address the problem at hand before it develops into a bigger one? That is what your patient wants to know.

Make It Personal

If the patient has visited your clinic more than once or twice, you probably know a few personal facts about them. Sometimes you can use that knowledge to improve case acceptance rates. Suppose your current patient has a spouse or child who is a chef. Remind them of the need for healthy teeth so they can eat all that delicious food in the future! Personal connections are your best ally when it comes to improving case acceptance rate.


When you get a maybe instead of a yes, following up with a phone call or email after a few days can tip the scale in your favor. Don’t put pressure on the patient but ask if they have any more questions that you can answer. Remember, persistence and preparation is the key to improve case acceptance!