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The Benefits of E-Prescriptions

The Benefits of E-Prescriptions


Modern EDRs generally contain several modules – scheduling, treatment planning, progress notes, charting, electronic billing etc. are just a few of the more common examples. Many practices have upgraded to or purchased the latest EDR systems, thanks to the incentives being offered under the meaningful use program. But many providers have been using e-prescriptions for longer than the EDRs in use today. The earliest E-prescribing systems were standalone software and were gradually absorbed into EHRs/EDRs. Even today though, some vendors continue to offer standalone applications for those providers who cannot afford comprehensive EDR software.


The benefits of E-prescriptions are numerous and they can be broadly classified under the following:


1. Save time

For many health professionals, saving time takes priority over reducing expenses. The time spent on updating records, rectifying prescription errors or taking calls from pharmacists clarifying illegible prescriptions could be better spent on patient care. This applies not only to dentists or dental hygienists but also the rest of the staff in a practice. An average practice with 10 doctors can easily save up to $20,000 – hundreds of hours annually – in prescription related calls alone thanks to electronic prescriptions (Study published by MGMA, 2004).


2. Reduce costs

E-prescriptions can directly reduce the costs of paper, ink and faxes. Practices can save money in indirect ways as well. There will be no need to write duplicate prescriptions for those that are lost or misplaced by patients or within the office. With e-prescriptions, dentists can prescribe medication even when they’re not in the clinic. Modern prescription systems also contain comprehensive information on drugs along with the benefits information of individual insurance plans. This allows providers to substitute lower-cost or generic medication in situations where the patient cannot afford the higher priced alternatives.


3. Reduce errors

With the medication needs of patients becoming more complex day by day, overworked doctors are finding it increasingly hard to keep track of the latest drugs, side effects, and adverse reactions. E-prescriptions reduce the probability of errors thereby improving the quality of care. Adverse outcomes resulting from wrongly filled prescriptions due to illegible handwriting or miscommunication between the provider and the pharmacist can also be minimized or eliminated altogether. Because of this, practices often save on litigation costs as well.


Dovetail EDR is a 2014 MU certified, cloud-based system. It incorporates the latest advances in e-prescribing, allowing providers and employees to spend less time on repeated administrative tasks. Our software can help you improve quality of patient care, while reducing needless expenses.





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