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Be Prepared for Anything

Get your dental practice prepared for anything – Automatic backups in the cloud

Dental practices have to consider a lot of factors when buying and setting up their IT infrastructure like the cost of hardware, software licenses, compatibility with existing or older computers, support for legacy programs, and training employees in the new system. These are just some of the factors to keep in mind. Another important variable that is sometimes forgotten is the backing up of your dental clinic’s data. Any computer system is only as useful as the data in it. And that data can easily be lost due to hard drive failure, software corruption, user errors, natural disasters or even because someone spilled coffee on the computer. But some firms do not even think about backups while others give up because it is time consuming or expensive.

With most traditional systems, data has to be manually backed up on a schedule. Manual backups can fail due to a number of reasons. If data loss occurs in between backup times, all the data between the last backup till that point of time is lost. Data may be lost due to human error such as an employee forgetting to run a scheduled backup or save a file. Sometimes power failures disrupt computer operations leading to data corruption. Natural disasters such as storms or flood may happen at any time. In all these cases, the data might be lost completely putting your dental practice at risk.

Cloud-based dental office management software on the other hand offers automatic backups of your data. Since the software runs on dedicated servers at data centers, it is not subject to risks such as hard drive failures or computer malfunction. Data is automatically backed up and duplicated on several servers so that even if one server goes down, it does not take your data with it. The chances of human error is also minimized because backups are done automatically.

Another advantage of automatic backups in the cloud is that the backed up data is not stored at your office. If backups are kept at the same place as the original data, any accident or natural disaster such as a fire or storm can easily destroy both the original as well as the copy. By keeping backups off-site, the chances of data loss are lowered considerably. Cloud software also offers continuous backups unlike traditional, standalone systems. In the event of data loss, you have the most up to date versions necessary to make sure business continues normally.

Automatic backups of data is one of the most important, yet often under appreciated feature of cloud-based dental office management systems. It ensures that your organization can carry on functioning under any circumstances.

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