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Are you Accidentally Violating HIPAA?

HIPAA is one of the most widely known data security frameworks across industries. Formulated to enforce privacy, security, and accountability for healthcare information, HIPAA covers most organizations working with patient data. If you are a covered entity under the privacy rule, you are responsible for complying with HIPAA.

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What Are the Threats to Your Dental Practice?

Have you thought about the risks that could threaten your dental practice faces on a daily basis? When asked about risks, many practice owners talk about competition, rising costs, lack of qualified employees etc. But a significant source of risk that quite a few dentists ignore is regulatory compliance.

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The Importance of HIPAA Compliant Vendors

Every practice – no matter its size – collects and uses data every day. There is data about patients, medical files, employees, finances, and even the practice itself. You have to collect and store this data somewhere. In addition, you

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Electric Toothbrushes – What Does the Data Say?

Toothbrushes haven’t changed in a long time. Their design has remained static for decades until the electric toothbrush came along. Many people dismiss electric toothbrushes as a fad and claim that it is unnecessary when manual toothbrushes have always done the job. But dentists may recommend electric brushes for certain patients. So what does the…

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What is a Dental Scheduling Coordinator?

Chaotic schedule not new to dental practices. Missed appointments, visits taking longer than usual, and no free slots for new patients are common occurrences in a clinic. If this sounds like a typical week to you, your practice could benefit from a dental scheduling coordinator. Do You Need a Scheduling Coordinator?

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Combating Patient Anxiety in the Dentist’s Chair

Few people like going to the dentist and many fear the semi-annual visit. As a dentist, you even begin to expect it from patients. It’s practically part of our culture and the butt of jokes in movies or on television. But does it have to be this way? Why Do You Need to Overcome Patient Anxiety? Most people visit their dentist for a few hours every…

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The Dental EDR Scene is Set to Explode

The global market for dental software is growing at a furious pace. Research indicates that the market is set to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 11% through 2025. With growth like that, the industry will be valued at US $4.3 billion in 2025. There are many reasons for this explosive growth, ranging from high demand for…

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The Importance of Training Staff About Dental Codes!

Dental codes are an integral part of filing claims and getting paid in dentistry. These codes convey a lot of information to the payer about each visit. The correct codes will tell the insurance company what procedures were performed and why. It’s a standardized method of sharing data about diagnosis, treatment, and procedures. Why Should You…

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