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Appointment Confirmations & Reminders

Your receptionist calls a patient to schedule an office visit, instead he gets a busy signal. A customer cancels an appointment two hours before and you would like to reschedule another patient, but you don’t know who wants to come with such short notice. You want to confirm all visits for this week but most calls simply go to voicemail. If these situations are common in your dental practice, it may be time to upgrade your communication system.

Today, many people prefer email and text messaging to phone calls and dealing with the hassle of voicemail. If you have ever wished there was a better way to reach your clients than old fashioned voice calls, Dovetail’s new automated appointment reminder service will be perfect for your clinic. Email and SMS are less intrusive than calling and offer a quicker way to remind your patients about upcoming appointments.

Dovetail’s unique service can benefit your office in a number of ways:

1. Save time

Employees no longer need to waste hours in tracking down patients and confirming their visits. It can often be difficult to get a person on the phone and calls might be sent to voicemail or even go unanswered if the recipient is busy. Your staff might have to make a number of calls repeatedly just to confirm one client.

Texts and emails can be sent to a group at once in the same time it takes to make a couple of calls. Not only does it enable your staff to focus on more productive tasks, it also frees up the phones lines. A new client looking for information will not get a busy signal because the front desk is trying to confirm another appointment.

2. Less intrusive

No one appreciates being interrupted by a call in the middle of a family lunch or an important meeting at work. SMS and email offer a more private and secure means of communicating with your patients. Clients can reply when it is convenient for them instead of having to wade through dozens of messages in their voicemail inbox.

Dovetail’s reminder service also includes receipt confirmations which are integrated with the calendar. Your staff does not have to manually enter data after a client replies. All appointment confirmations received will be automatically updated in Dovetail’s schedule. This eliminates potential confusion over missed appointments or double booking two patients for the same time slot. Dovetail’s automated reminder service lets you keep in touch with your patients through their preferred communication medium in a discreet and efficient manner.

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