5 Smart Ways for a Dentist To Use a Mobile Tablet

Want to avail efficient work practices, convenience and mobility at your dental office? There’s so much you can do with just two things, provided you use them in the right way. All you need is a mobile tablet and a great software application, and you will actually be able to completely transform the way in which you conduct your job role. Just integrate the tablet with your current work flow and it will seemingly bond in, making you good to go.

Though tablets have become the norm, a recent survey indicates that they still have not been adapted to a great extent in the dental office for several different reasons. The most prominent of these is the lack of a good software application, but not so anymore. More on this later! Getting back to the point – if, as a dentist, you do start utilizing a tablet for your work, then you would actually be able to increase performance and efficiency. Other than this, you would be able to entertain yourself and even socialize with your friends and acquaintances no matter how busy or tight your schedules are. Here are 5 smart ways in which you can use a tablet:


Home Organization

A tablet not only improves your day at the office, but can also help you conduct the daily tasks around your home. Do you like cooking or want to throw a party? Download an app, and you will be able to view thousands of recipes belonging to several different countries. Are you in the habit of forgetting to buy items at the grocer’s? Use your tablet to create a customized shopping list in which you can enter all the details like quantities, number of containers and so on. You might even be able to view an average of your total shopping expense. Check out the Grocery IQ iPad app on the iTunes Store.



Staying in shape is something that is stated on everyone’s goals list. And your tablet can help you achieve it. Use it to remind you to regularly exercise, walk and stretch yourself. Input your physical activities, and you would even be able to see how much calories you have burnt and how much more you need to reduce to achieve your desired weight. Check out Workout Trainer, an app that allows you to take control of your own fitness training, offering an enormous range of workout routines varying in length, intensity and target area of the body.



A tablet is just the perfect device to set you in the mood, and keep you entertained for hours at end. Play thousands of games, watch the all time popular movies, and stream into your favorite TV shows. There is just no limit to how entertaining your tablet can be. Show your kids what you do at the practice with this funny Dentist Office game for iPad!



Tablets have taken socializing to an entire different level. With great apps that help you stay connected all the time, there is just no way that you can miss out on what your friends are up to. Apps like Linkedin can even help you connect and grow your network, engage with professional content, stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and keep up with your favorite professional groups.


Dental Software

Dental software are a great way to boost your performance at your clinic and improve your cash flows. They are bundled with all the necessary features that make your day much easier and significantly increase your efficiency. From maintaining patient records to treatment planning, dental software help you with a variety of tasks. You can also use them to create appointments and manage your bills.

Though there are many dental software available, not all of them feature a user friendly interface or provide you with great innovative features. Dovetail’s intuitive cloud-based electronic dental record (EDR) and practice management solution is designed specifically for the mobile tablet but accessible through any platform. That means you and your staff have access to the most up–to-date information wherever and whenever you need it. No downloads, updates, backups or maintenance required – easy. All this on HIPAA compliant servers.
With Dovetail, everything is seamless. Scheduling, exams, treatment planning, progress notes, all is efficiently done using your tablet – your practice in hand. Do not believe? Request a demo and see it live!



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